Health and Weight Loss Tips 17

I have been run off my feet the last few days so this post, that was supposed to be written yesterday, didn't get done. Things have been manic.

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10st 11.1 lbs

80, 254 steps

Well, my weight increased due to a meal out with the Hubby at TGI Fridays but I enjoyed the food so I'm not complaining (too much). My step count is higher than normal because we've been for a few walks through the week, pretty much every day.

I don't know if it's the day of cleaning yesterday or that I'm coming down with something but I'm feeling drained today. My body aches and my eyelids are heavy.

I got my Apple Watch on Friday 24th April and have been testing it out. There's a post to come soon about all that but it has proven useful already and while doing all my cleaning, I walked 6 miles around my house! Crazy.

Tip: If you're ill, stop.

As I sit here I can feel the energy draining away and am fairly convinced that I'm ill. My neck hurts, some sort of gland has popped up and I'm coughing too. Not good. With that in mind I've decided to give myself a break and rest. I need it and if I keep pushing myself too much I'll just make things worse.

Exercise is good for you and it's important to keep it up but if you're ill it's more important to let your body rest. You need time to recover and continuing exercise while ill can make the ailment last longer.

If, like me, you're feeling a little under the weather take the time for yourself.


  1. I just took a hit on my throat two days ago and was thinking if I should continue with my usual weekday regime this morning. Contrary to what I thought I should do, I went. But I agree with the what you say, our bodies need a rest sometimes. Especially the times we are sick..

    1. Definitely. Sometimes you just have to give in. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I really appreciate it. x

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