What I Read March Roundup

I trust you're all having a Cracking Easter!

Here at Morgan's Milieu we're seeing in April with another What I Read Roundup, here's what I enjoyed reading throughout March.

What I Read March Roundup | Morgan's Milieu: #WhatIRead Badge

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read March Roundup: photograph of Aby from the blog YouBabyMeMummy
Aby was having a rough day back at the start of March but that all changed thanks to a kind stranger. Sometimes kind words can turn someone's day around. Nadine realised she's been exhausted for two decades as she tried to enjoy a well-deserved nap. Charlene, aka Moderate Mum, offered some sound advice to a new dad. Dadwhoblogs wondered if it's his fault that his son doesn't get invited to play-dates in It's not You... It's Your Dad. Thatcham Dad listed 8 lessons he's learned in his 8 years of blogging, some great advice there.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read March Roundup: photograph of Zaz of Mama and More Blog

Zaz surprised and shocked me with her post about the N word, I couldn't believe people still use it! Are you trying to be Supermum? Stop - right now. Tarana wrote a great post on how NOT to be a Supermum and you should check it out. As his second child suffered with Colic Casey began to understand (NOT condone) why people shake babies. Carol shared a wonderful poem for her mum that was a lovely read (if a little upsetting) and Wry Mummy wrote a poem, Other Mums, that summed up motherhood for me.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read March Roundup: photograph of Suzanne who blogs at 3 children and it.com
This Season..., a post from Suzanne, reminded me to look on the bright side, even when the boys are driving me mad. Catherine offered up some great blogging tips, or more to the point the mistakes to avoid. Sara shared more of her creative writing with Cinderella, and a related piece is A Letter which you simply must read. Leigh Kendall talked about the realities of Love when compared to fairytales. I loved reading about the day Our Little Escapades got to be Cinderella for the day. I stumbled across a new linky too - Retro Blog Post Linky over at U Me and the Kids.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read March Roundup: photograph of Jocelyn who blogs at The Reading Residence.com

Jocelyn asked is technology a Blessing or a Curse? Chantelle was hosting a great chocolate giveaway and Tara at Sticky Fingers was giving away a Vax. Actually Mummy reviewed a service when she wanted to decorate her daughter's room. And I'll Wait With You was a touching post about dementia and why the writer chose to work in antenatal care.

I'm looking forward to reading great posts throughout April.


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    1. I loved your tips! I've bookmarked it to make sure I keep them in mind. :)