What I Read 14

The boys are back at school tomorrow and everything will be back to normal. I can't wait to be in the house and have peace and quiet throughout the day. For this week's What I Read I pinched some time for myself to read a few blogs. I hope you enjoy.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 14: The What I Read Badge

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 14: Jessica, of Happy Mom Happy LifeLittle Prince is a huge Dr Seuss fan, we've read Cat in the Hat about one hundred times and he loves Oh, The Places You'll Go. LP is also an avid reader and loves nothing more than reading a great book to himself, one of his favourites is Green Eggs and Ham. I have read Green Eggs and Ham lots of times and can recite some of it by heart. After reading it so much when LP asks me to read it again I sigh, "not again!" I think to myself. Over at Happy Mom Happy Life there's a brilliant post about how Green Eggs and Ham is driving her insane. I could relate to this one and feel Jessica's pain.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 14: Photograph of Nikki from Keep Strong and Moving Forward blog

Parenting is a tough job, no one can argue with that one. With hurdles in your way at every turn and new challenges coming out of no where it can seem like the hardest job in the world. At the same time it only takes a grin from our little ones to light up our lives. Parenthood is the Best Rollercoaster! is a brilliant look at the topsy turvy life of a parent. Nikki sums up parenting well. I can't wait to look back on my parenting life when I'm an old granny!

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 14: Photo of Mama Mim.
It takes courage to own up to your mistakes and even more when it's parenting mistakes. No one likes to be wrong and admitting that you are gains my respect. I admire people who can see they were wrong and change opinions or outlooks after gaining experience. Mama Mim admitted this week that she had been judgemental towards other parents. In Other Parents - I'm Sorry I Judged You she talks about the presumptions she made before becoming a parent and how her perspective has changed drastically since having a child. Things aren't always as they seem and someone who can admit they were wrong and apologise for it is okay in my book. I loved this post.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 14: Slummy Single MummyI have been blogging for over three years now and have learned so much in that time. The world of blogging has changed too and every day I learn something new. When I took my first step into the world of blogging there were a few bloggers around and I took to reading their blogs. Slummy Single Mummy was one of the first blogs I read and subscribed to. I love Jo's wit and humour. This week she has shared some reflections on her five years of blogging and the post was a really interesting read. She's noticed how much her writing has changed over the years and it was lovely to read about what she thought. I have truly enjoyed reading her posts and will continue to do so.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 14: Kaila of Healthy Helper Blog

As a contrast a blog I only came across this week was Healthy Helper and it was quite fitting that the first post of Kaila's I read was Why I Blog. It is always nice to learn why others blog and what they're passionate about. Kaila and I have a few things in common (our love of blogging being one of them) and I look forward to reading more of her posts.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 14: Twin mum and dad
Blogging is a fantastic hobby and for some becomes their full-time job. I dream of the day I can earn a real wage from blogging, that would be awesome. As a blogger I receive PR emails and always respond but sometimes I find it hard because it's all still new. If you're in the same boat as me I'd recommend reading Bloggers - You Need To Read This! Interview with a PR/Digital Marketing Manager. The interview was posted on @twinmumanddad's blog and it's an insight into how that side of things works. Finding yourself dealing with PR people can be daunting and reading this interview, getting a view of the other side of the fence, is invaluable.

That's it for this week's What I Read but I hope you'll join me again next week for more sharing.


  1. Oh thank you so much for sharing my post, I really appreciate it :) :) Mim

    1. You're welcome, I really enjoyed reading and am glad to share. xx

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    1. You're welcome Kaila, it was lovely to learn more about you. xx

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    1. You're welcome Emily, the interview was really helpful for me and I wanted to share it with others. xx

  4. As always your round up is required reading :)