Health and Weight Loss Tips 15

I know the importance of exercise but I've witnessed a puzzling trend with my weight of late. In the last couple of weeks I haven't been able to get any walking done, I've been very busy and the kids are off school.

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10st 13 lbs

30, 357 steps

The puzzling trend is that I'm losing more weight by not doing the exercise and I don't understand it. It doesn't seem to fit in with all the expert opinions and advice.

I enjoy my running and I'm not about to give it up. When the kids are back at school I will hit the treadmill twice a week, listen to my music and feel the burn. Running makes me feel alive, gets my blood pumping and has me ready for the day.

My plan over the next few weeks is to keep an eye on what happens with my weight. I still have a week of holidays left so the running won't start yet. If I lose more weight in this next week than I do once I start running I'll be even more confused than I am right now! 

Ups and downs are part of the process but I'm going to stick with it. I'll keep up with the exercise, I'll continue the healthy eating and I'll cut down on chocolate. It's all I can do.

Tip: Stick to your guns!

Regardless of setbacks or confusing results you're in this for a reason and giving up is not an option. Cling to your willpower, push yourself.

Stick to your guns.

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