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It was LP's birthday on Saturday and we had a great day. We took him to our local soft-play centre, Escape, first thing and he had a lovely time running around and playing with other children.

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10st 13 lbs

56, 543 steps

LP's choice of restaurant for his birthday was TGI Fridays and we went for lunch on Saturday. He had ribs and fries and when he'd finished his face was covered in bbq sauce. It was a picture! I chose Tostadas; crispy tortillas with cajun rice and chicken and lots of salsa. It was lovely and I didn't put on too much weight.

My running/walking hasn't gone well this week. I've done no running but we did all go for a walk on Saturday AND Sunday so I got lots of steps done. And now it's the Easter holidays and I don't have the time to fit in my runs. I need to keep the boys entertained so that the Hubby can get work done and that means no time out for running.

Tip: Time off is okay, as long as you come back!

As soon as the boys go back to school I'll be starting my new running routine, starting with 2 mile runs twice a week. It doesn't sound like much but I don't want to push myself too hard and then end up with an injury. I'll build it up each week so I run every day. 

So that's my plan for the next few weeks, hopefully things won't pop up to stop me from achieving it. 

How's your plan going?

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