Playlists - A Part Of The Process

Through these Easter holidays I'll find it difficult to get any time to myself. The boys are playing constantly and want attention, the Hubby is busy working (or trying to at least) which means I am on hand to deal with fights, toys and other stuff.

Mickey and Minnie are waiting to inspire me.

It's just typical I'm inspired to write now, I want to retreat into my office upstairs and write a chapter or two for my novel. That's not going to happen, one interruption and I'd be thrown. I haven't written anything for the novel for a while and I should know by now I get inspired through the holidays, it always happens.

On a positive note I can put playlists and plans together for when I do have the time to write. I'm going to put a playlist together for each of the different types of scenes I need to write. Dark and sinister music (think Dexter - Trinity theme) for my tough scenes, The Wire soundtrack for my Detective scenes. Whenever I listen to those tunes I am inspired because I can slip into the right mood. 

This may not make sense to the non-writers out there but all writers will know just what I'm talking about. Sometimes listening to a piece of music lets you slip into the mindset required and once you're there the words flow easily. Music is always the key.

For now I'll be happy putting the playlists together and I'll enjoy the release of creation when I can finally listen to them.

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