The Best Mid-Range Champagnes

A bottle of champagne is an indispensable attribute of any party or celebration. But, like anything, you get what you pay for – and you don’t want to ruin a party by bringing something undrinkable! Fortunately, with a bit of know how, you can get your hands on a good bottle of champagne without breaking the bank. For example, sometimes the cost of a bottle is affected by other equally important factors. A good example is the packaging. In addition, the cost depends on technology and aging period. In any case, the modern market of sparkling wines is so huge that nowadays you can easily find a good and inexpensive bottle of champagne.

The best mid-range champagnes


Lanson Champagne may become a real catch for all lovers of champagne. One of the oldest houses of Champagne – Lanson - was founded in 1760. Being focused on the conquest of the export market, by the end of the XIX century they produced Champagne Lanson for royal families of Spain, Sweden and the UK. In 1900 Queen Victoria made Lanson the official supplier of the royal court of Great Britain, and this honorable house has retained this status until now. Lanson House is rightly proud of its unique style of wines, including mid-range ones - elegant, fresh and intense.


Asti is a very affordable version of the traditional sparkling wine from the Piedmont region of Asti. Asti has earned worldwide popularity due to two major producers of alcohol in the region - Martini and Cinzano. Asti is the brand name of controlled origin, i.e. sparkling wine with the same name can only be produced in the heart of Piedmont. This mid-range sparkling wine is made from Moscato Bianco grapes with strong honey tone, so the wine smells of honey with light tones of exotic fruits. This is a suitable option for the sweet tooth and all kinds of parties.

Moet & Chandon

Popular brand Moet & Chandon also offers mid-range champagne of excellent quality. The history of Moet & Chandon counts more than three centuries. During this time and to this day it remains the favorite alcoholic beverage of many aristocrats. Unique and distinctive feature of Moet & Chandon champagne is a thin, soft and very harmonious flavor. All this is certainly the result of unique technologies. As three hundred years ago, all the processes for champagne production are made only by hand.

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