World Book Day 2015

Being a writer I look forward to World Book Day every year. I enjoy seeing you all post pictures of your children dressed up as their favourite book characters and this year my boys get to dress up too. 

It wasn't that long ago that I spent my time trying to encourage Big Prince to read. He's never enjoyed it as much as I would like. I figured we needed to find the right book to capture his imagination, but it hasn't happened yet. We've gone through Horrid Henry, Skulduggery Pleasant, even Harry Potter. He said he enjoyed them but didn't get any further than the first books. Big Prince is currently re-reading Skulduggery Pleasant book 1 again.

Little Prince is different, he's taken to reading and books are a big part of his life. I read him a story at bedtime most nights and he reads to himself afterwards. He has read the 'That's Not My...' series, The Dinosaur that Pooped series and he's currently making his way through the Mr Men books. All of them. I think he's on book 30 out of 50. LP is 5, nearly 6 years old and his goal for now is to read the Harry Potter books.

The Hubby and I both love to read. This year, so far, I have read 3 books and the Hubby has read 4 or 5. If it wasn't for our Kindles we would need a separate room for all our books. It's important to us that our children enjoy reading too. 

Reading is not only a chance to escape reality but it also teaches us. Books cover a range of topics and teach us about understanding, relationships, and the world. They conjure images of wild, far off places or take us on adventures. Some of my favourite books are full of creatures and worlds that are completely fictional and other favourites are based on science, although still fiction. 

I've said before but my all-time favourite author is Michael Crichton, the way he used science and facts, surrounded by a fictional story, was amazing. He hooks me every time. My favourite books include the Twilight Saga, State of Fear and Society of the Mind. The Hubby likes to read John Locke books and recently read books by Robert Lewellyn.

I don't think I could choose just one favourite character from a book, I have too many. Each book I read brings with it new characters and I love them each in their own way. Even the bad guys. 

Which character would you be this World Book Day?

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