Health and Weight Loss Tips 10

Running is my exercise of choice (or walking with friends), it gets my heart going, I get outside and when I'm finished I feel like I've worked hard. Underwear can make or break the love of running.

11st 0.8 lbs

52, 187 steps

I haven't been trying hard enough, my weight isn't moving - or if it is, it's in the wrong direction. I'm eating too much, drinking too much and the motivation hasn't been there. But this weekend I went on a long walk with the Hubby and the boys on Saturday. The sun was shining, and we walked across the fields near our house. Sunday we took a trip to Warwick Castle (I'll write about that later) and although the weather was awful we still had a good time. Between Saturday and Sunday I did a lot of walking.

Walking is great but I enjoy running, the thumping of my heart in my ears and the pounding of my feet on the ground. I haven't been running for a while but have decided to run this week. One of the many things that makes running easier is having the right underwear. If you're just starting a new running routine I recommend getting a decent sports bra.

Tip: Strap 'em down

When ladies run our boobs jump about, pull and bounce, and if you're on the larger side this can be uncomfortable, even painful,  if you don't wear the right bra. It's not only uncomfortable but can actually do real damage. The bouncing and pulling could tear tissue under your skin and the unsupported weight increases the chances of sagging (and no one wants that). When choosing your sports bra make sure it is supportive and secure. When I wear mine my bits are secure, they don't bounce or pull at my skin, it's almost as if they're not there.

Trainers and shorts are important but if you're uncomfortable underneath you will never enjoy the run. Get the underwear right and you're set to enjoy a good run.


  1. Totally agree that the right bra is needed - I totally forgot my sports bra when running at the gym the other week and instead of going home carried on with my push up bra... it was interesting but managed to finish unscathed! Feel free to join in with the #WeightLossWednesday linky - lots of support and motivation from other bloggers on weight loss and fitness journeys! Sim x

    1. Thank you so much for the heads up about your linky - I'll check it out!

      It actually hurts me if I try to run without a sports bra, I'm not sure I could do a whole run in a push-up bra! Hope it wasn't too painful for you.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. :)

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