Health and Weight Loss Tips 12

My weight is not shifting. I lose weight through the week then the weekend comes and the same weight goes back on again. 

11st 1.3 lbs

65, 878 steps

I've worked hard this week, walking more, but I'm struggling. Right now I'm at the stage most people give up. My weight is yo-yoing and I'm not happy but I won't give up. What I will do instead is step up my efforts. No more chocolate, no more alcohol, cut down food. I'm hoping combining that with starting running again my weight will begin its descent.

Tip: Step It Up

When the weight doesn't seem to be shifting even after weeks of trying, it's time to step it up. Try harder. Do more exercise and monitor what calories you're taking in. Drink more water and try to be as healthy as you can. 

Losing weight is a struggle, a constant battle with will-power. I'm not winning my battle at the moment but I am determined to get back on track. 

How is your weight-loss going?

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