Health and Weight Loss Tips 9

Last week my tip was 'believe in yourself' but once you do you have to get down to business and take action. The next step should be examining your portion sizes.

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Over the last two weeks my weight has been going in the wrong direction. Willpower has faltered recently, I've given in and eaten food I know has caused the weight gain. I haven't been keeping an eye on my portion sizes either. When the Hubby and I are eating we share the food between us; half each. Not good. 

I shouldn't be eating the same amount of food as the Hubby, my body doesn't need as many calories to keep going. Instead of beating myself up I decided to start monitoring my portions. I need to make sure I don't eat the same as the Hubby. And this brings me to my tip for the week.

Tip: Slim down portion sizes

This is what made the biggest difference to my weight loss last time. When I cut my portion sizes in half the weight dropped off, I didn't even do much exercise at the time. Bear in mind that you do NEED to eat, don't cut down your portions too much. For reference my Hubby is 6 feet tall and I am 5 feet 5 inches, I slim down the portions so I'm eating half as much as the Hubby.

I'm hoping that after a week of slimming down my portions I will lose weight.

What are your top tips for losing weight?


  1. I desperately wish I could do this. I try so hard not to take so much food but I am always so hungry, and if I don't eat as much at mealtimes I stuff myself with even more chocolate than normal.
    I know I need to get a grip on my portion sizes but it's so hard

    1. It is really hard, I know. Perhaps try to do it slowly, reduce what you're eating a little at a time and eventually you get used to it. Then you can reduce again.

      When you eat a lot your body gets used to it and begins to think that's what it needs. You need to retrain your body to realise it doesn't. That's where the reducing slowly comes in.

      Believe me I know it's hard, I am hungry a lot of the time and I try very hard to ignore it. I don't always succeed - chocolate isn't too far away! Good luck with it Olivia, I wish you all the best. xx

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