Health and Weight Loss Tips 11

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One of my friends has been looking for a job. This weekend she went to see someone about a job and got news that she starts a new job in April. This is brilliant for her and I know she'll love it but for me it means I'll have to change my exercise routine.

My friend and I walk together in a morning after dropping the kids off at school. This has been the routine for a long time. Sometimes we skip the walk because of other obligations but generally we walk daily. It gets us both out of the house, we get exercise and we get a chance to natter. Like I said, this is all going to change. I'm a little disappointed about that, I'll miss our chats, but actually it gives me a chance to change it up.

Tip: Change exercise routine

Getting into a daily routine is a brilliant idea when you're first starting out. It trains you to get the exercise and the activity becomes a habit. Over time the exercise is just a habit and the benefits reduce because your body gets used to the same activity. Changing the routine can do you the world of good, swapping running for a yoga class, or a brisk walk for a run, puts your body through its paces.

My walking routine has been the same for so long that my body is used to it. My weight loss has slowed (almost stopped) and although I'm healthy I feel I could be trying harder. So my friend's job is going to do us both good. I will replace my morning walk with a run, it will tire me out but I know I'll feel great once I've done it. Hopefully over the next couple of months you'll all see the difference. 

It won't happen straight away but I'll get there eventually.


  1. Well done for recognising you have to push yourself, I often just give myself head pats for putting my trainers on and forget to get my heartrate up!

    1. Thank you. Oh I do that too! But yes, I think getting your heart-rate up is very important. :)