Apple Watch and The New Macbook

On Monday evening (5pm GMT) Apple broadcasted their event and the Hubby and I sat watching using our Apple TV. We hoped to get more information about the Apple Watch and maybe some new technology. We were not disappointed.

Unlike Tim Cook (there was padding) I will get right to the interesting part; Apple Watch.

A choice of band is just one of the decisions you'll need to make with this new piece of technology. Your choices determine the price you pay for your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Sport

Choose either a 38mm or 42mm case, made from aluminium, which comes in Silver or Space Grey. The special fluoroelastomer band comes in five colours; white, black, blue, green and pink. The 38mm case costs £299, the 42mm is £339, and the colour of the band makes no difference to the price.

Apple Watch

There are 20 different models, also in 38mm or 42mm case. The case is stainless steel and again you have a choice of strap including the sport band, a classic buckle, or a milanese loop (amongst others). Prices range from £479 to £949, depending on size and strap choices.

Apple Watch Edition

If I could choose any watch this would be it, unfortunately Apple have priced the Edition a little out of my range. The 18-carat Rose Gold case, 38mm or 42mm, comes with selected bands and prices start at £8,000. A girl can dream...

Apple Watches require iPhone 5 or above to work and come with apps already installed. These apps include Fitness, Workout and Messages. I'm a little excited about getting my hands on one of these.

The Apple Watch will be available for pre-order on 10th April 2015.

A surprise reveal at the event was the new Macbook, I'd heard rumours about this but wasn't sure if they would reveal it. The video was amazing and I fell in love - maybe because they showed the Macbook in Gold!

Let's get the technical stuff out of the way first. The screen is a 12-inch Retina Display and the Macbook comes with 256GB flash storage and 8GB memory. With battery life of 9hrs, weighing in at 0.9kg light and 13.1mm thin, the new Macbook is Apple's most portable Mac yet. You can buy it in Silver, Space Grey, or Gold (this makes no difference to price). Prices start from £1,049.

There are two significant things about this Macbook, for me anyway. The first is the keyboard keys, Apple have redesigned them. Instead of the standard scissor mechanism (underneath the keys) there's a butterfly mechanism making the movement of the keys different. Being someone who touch-types this could be a huge change for me. I think I'd want to try out the keys before buying one. The second change is the trackpad, it seems Apple wants to do away with the right-click. With the new trackpad they're introducing Force Touch which senses how hard you touch the trackpad. The whole trackpad is clickable which means there isn't a left and right-click. I'm not sure what Apple's answer to the right-click issue is.

One other issue that the Hubby didn't like is the new power port. Unlike every other Macbook there are no other ports (apart from a headphone jack). The port is a new kind, it's all very technical but they called it USB-C. It's not a regular USB and it's not the same mag-safe power adapter as in the Macbook Air. The downside to this new port is if you want to plug any devices into your Macbook you'll need an adapter. An expensive adapter.

Overall I was happy with the announcements, a new toy to help me track my fitness and a new, more portable, Macbook. All I need to do now is convince the Hubby I need both.

What do you think to the Apple announcements?
Which Apple Watch would you choose?

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