Amazon Original: Renewal of Kids Shows

In a household of movie lovers Netflix is the best thing since sliced bread but did you know that Netflix isn't your only choice for on-demand TV?

Amazon has on-demand TV and you can access it if you pay for their Prime membership. For £79 per year (in the UK) you get free delivery on Amazon orders (which qualify for Prime), you can download one free book per month to your Kindle with Kindle First, and you can watch TV shows and movies with Prime Instant Video.

Morgan's Milieu | Amazon's Prime Instant Video: Kids and adults can enjoy on-demand TV shows and movies.
A selection of movies available on Amazon Prime Instant Video

We have been Prime membership holders for two years and have seen the benefits of membership increase. When Amazon announced Prime Instant Video I was excited, the boys had seen the kids stuff on Netflix more than twice.

Little Prince found a great new programme, an Amazon original, that he loves. It's called Creative Galaxy and is about art. Arty, the adorable alien artist, and Epiphany, Arty's inspirational side-kick, solve problems through art. At the end of each episode a live-action piece takes you through the project shown in the episode. Each time I press play LP's eyes are glued to the television.

Tumble Leaf is another great programme for when LP is finished with Creative Galaxy. Fig, a curious blue fox, and best friend Stick, a quirky caterpillar, go on nature-filled adventures learning science along the way. All in their stop-motion world.

Morgan's Milieu | Amazon Originals: Renewal of Kids Shows - TV shows, movies and shorts for everyone to enjoy.

At the moment only one season of each programme is available but I just learned Amazon renewed a second season of both. That means new and exciting episodes for LP to enjoy!

But Amazon don't only have shows for pre-schoolers, there's Annedroids and Gortimer; shows aimed at kids aged 6-11. Annedroids is a live-action adventure about Anne, a female scientist, her human friends and their android assistants, and the wonderful scientific discoveries they make while growing up. Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street is a coming of age tale of friendship centred around Gortimer and the bond with his two best friends.

We buy lots of things from Amazon, read lots and enjoy watching TV shows and movies so having an Amazon Prime membership makes sense. The membership works out at £6.58 per month, about the same as a Netflix subscription, but you get free books and free delivery on orders too.

Over the past few months Amazon's library of shows and movies has increased and they are always adding Amazon original series. I'd recommend it for any TV/movie fans.

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