What I Read 7

Oof! What a week. I've barely written anything but on the plus side I've read lots. Not wanting to move from the sofa meant I had the chance to read some great posts this week. 

What I Read 7 | Morgan's Milieu:  #WhatIRead Badge

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 7 - Kriss MacDonald, wildabouthere.com

Google Plus has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I share and interact but because I haven't used it much I don't know a lot about etiquette. Cue Kriss MacDonald with her Google+ Tips: Do's and Don'ts. I found it very useful and will be putting her tips to use.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 7: @rantybeast aka Chrissie

Over at #WhatImWriting this week were some great posts but the hosts' posts topped it for me. Chrissie's post, Just Write, is a glimpse into the world of a writer (who is also a mum) and totally sums up the process.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 7: Maddy of writingbubble

Maddy entertained us with a quiz to find out what sort of writer you are. Your answers reveal which genre you are better suited to. This post made me giggle and I can't wait for the results of the next study from The Institute of Silly Suggestions.

#AllAboutYou had some fab posts linked up this week but I loved Katy's post, Inspiration. She talks about splitting off her different 'selves'. It was an interesting way to look at things and I really enjoyed reading this short post.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 7: Zaz writing about her inspiring women.
Check out Zaz's new hair! 

Zaz did it again and showed us all why she is such a strong, lovely woman. In her post, Inspiring Women, she tells us about the women that have influenced her. Both her grandmothers sound like wonderful women and I can understand why Zaz chose to write about them. A lovely post about the power and strength of women. 

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 7: @mummyconstant with mother's guilt

A brilliant post I found at #PoCoLo hosted by Victoria Welton was A Mother's Guilt written by Sonia aka mummy constant. She talks about her guilt about missing her children's younger years while she works full-time. A mum's guilt is never-ending but we all need to learn to let it go.

Morgan's Milieu | What I Read 7: Stressy Mummy and parenting

Lastly Stressy Mummy's post I found on Facebook had me nodding along. She'd been talking to a friend who is expecting her first child and Nikki decided to write the post to prepare her. Expect the Unexpected describes parenting brilliantly and I loved her last point.

It's been great reading and sharing all these lovely posts this week and I'll be back next week for another installment of What I Read.

Until then, have a great week folks!


  1. These are great posts Morgan (I've just had a quick read!) and thanks so much for including mine too! And as for not writing much this week, I always think, as long as you're reading you're staying part of the world of writing somehow - it all helps! xx

    1. Thanks Maddy, and you're welcome. You're right, reading is a big part of writing so I don't feel too bad about not writing. xx

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my post Morgan! I'm looking forward to reading these other posts you've included. I love these sort of posts as it's a great way of discovering some interesting blog reads!

    1. You're welcome Kriss. That's the main reason I started this series, I love to read new blogs and posts and this is a great way to share the love! I hope you enjoy the other posts. xx