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Time for some sharing of great posts I've read this week...

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I read a few more posts this week, I'm feeling much better after the bug disappeared. Unfortunately Little Prince was off school on Monday with the dreaded lurgy but he is all better now too. At the moment we currently have a bug free house. So let's get on with the sharing shall we?

I read a great post from Sarah Howe this week about ageing. Well not so much ageing but more about the kinds of things that need to change as we age, like dress-sense. In I'm 30. I'm a Mummy. Am I too old for??? Sarah talks about her love of New Look and worries that she needs to stop shopping there. I believe it's the person that makes the clothes (or the hair, Sarah) and as long as you can wear it with confidence it doesn't matter. You could be wearing a clown outfit but if you can have the confidence to carry it off then people will love it! Sarah linked her post to this week's #AllAboutYou and that's how I found it.

Natalie's post made me giggle and I nodded along as I read it. She talks about 10 things that annoy her about her family and, as a mother, I agree with most of them. Her post was totally relatable and if you pop over there I'm sure you'll agree. I particularly agree with number 8 but my boys are 10 and 5 and may need a little more training where that's concerned. Natalie linked her post to #BrilliantBlogPosts.

Over at misplacedbrit.com Steph tells an amusing story. Even though you can guess what's going to happen from the title of the post she still manages to make you laugh (sorry Steph!) and feel embarrassed for her at the same time. Go check out Why You Should NEVER Bungee Jump in a Bikini which I found on the #AllAboutYou linky.

Dr Juliet McGrattan asks a thought provoking question in a post I found in the linky #BrilliantBlogPosts. Juliet is a GP and is wondering how to get to the subject of exercise with her patients. She asks us How should I tell you to exercise? It was great to read this from a doctor's point of view, I never thought about how awkward they must feel. A good read, please take a moment to visit.

And last, but by no means least I have a blogging post for you. Again found at #BrilliantBlogPosts. Bex talks about being burned out last year, the pressures of being a working mother became too much and blogging took the hit. But after some thinking Bex came through the other side and shares with us How to Beat Blogger Burnout.

It is the first time I'd visited most of these blogs but each one gave me an entertaining story or something to think about. That's what I love about the blogging community and all the fabulous linkys, we get to read new things, read about new people and make some brand new friends. Thank you ladies for sharing your posts.

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