Health and Weight Loss Tips 7

After a week of illness I'm back to normal and, not surprisingly, I've gained weight.
Morgan's Milieu | Health and Weight Loss Tips 7: Health and weight loss tips badge

10st 13.8 lbs

17, 179 steps

If you've read my earlier posts you'll know that last week I was ill. It started on Tuesday evening and I spent the rest of the week not wanting to move. I laid on the sofa while my stomach made unearthly noises and my energy levels dropped. I couldn't eat my dinner on Tuesday, barely ate anything on Wednesday or Thursday and by Friday was feeling better. 

My weight dropped to 10st 12.4lbs mid-week but not through any effort on my part. I was dehydrated, hadn't eaten properly for three days and was down in the dumps. 

Over the weekend my weight has crept up, my appetite has increased and I'm all better. I may weigh a little more than I did last week but I expected to put weight back on after being ill. It's what happens. 

Tip: expect weight gain

As a part of any healthy routine or weight loss campaign you have to expect your weight to go up. After illness, before, during or after your period (ladies) or after drastic weight loss there will always be a period of gain. 

Don't be disheartened by putting the weight on, it is inevitable. Our weight fluctuates throughout the weeks and months and especially during illness. As long as the general trend is downwards (if that's what you want) then you're winning. 

How do you cope when you put on weight?