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Finding exercise enjoyable can seem impossible when you're starting a weight loss campaign. It certainly did for me, I never thought I'd smile when exercising.

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10st 13.6 lbs

58, 347 steps

My weight is heading in the right direction, albeit slowly, but my main focus is fitness. I like being able to run upstairs without leaning on the banister. I enjoy chasing Little Prince around the garden. To be able to do these things I need to be fit. LP is 5, his energy is everlasting.

Just lately I have been doing my morning walks and I've been using our exercise bike in the evenings. This way I'm getting more exercise than usual and feeling much better.

The strangest thing, when I think about exercise, is I don't automatically scrunch my nose. I look forward to my morning walks and am even enjoying my evening exercise.

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Tip:  Do what makes you smile

Be it running, walking, swimming, cycling or something else, you need to look forward to it. How else will you stay motivated?

Doing exercise that you enjoy means you won't skip it. You'll do your best to keep it up and in the process aid your weight loss. Eventually you'll see results you never thought possible. I'm 34 years old and I didn't think I'd be able to run upstairs without holding the banister. I didn't think I'd ever get back into a size 10 (not quite there yet) but I'm well on my way. I have never felt more healthy than I do right now, even with the weight I want to lose.

I'm motivated, I love my exercise routine (OMG!) and I'm setting a good example for my boys. BP has started walking to and from school to stay healthy (okay, maybe it's to get time alone...).

Enjoy your exercise, do what makes you smile.

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