Own Cinderella's Glass Slippers!

When I was a little girl and first watched the Disney movie Cinderella I dreamed of wearing that beautiful blue gown. I fantasised about owning my very own glass slippers and meeting my handsome Prince.

Morgan's Milieu | Cinderella's Glass Slippers for me? Yes please!

I did meet my Prince, I don't think I've ever worn a blue gown and as for the glass slipper, well that was just a pipe dream.

Or was it?

Disney's new live-action movie Cinderella will be in theatres on March 27th and I just found out that Disney enlisted 9 designers to re-imagine the glass slippers. The 9 designers are Paul Andrew, Alexandre Birman, René Caovilla, Jimmy Choo, Salvatore Ferragamo, Nicholas Kirkwood, Charlotte Olympia, Jerome C. Rousseau and Stuart Weitzman, and their take on the glass slippers are below.

Morgan's Milieu | Cinderella's Glass Slippers: designs from Jimmy Choo and Salvatore Ferragamo!
Top row (from left to right): René Caovilla, Nicholas Kirkwood, Jimmy Choo, Paul Andrew
Bottom row (left to right): Charlotte Olympia, Alexandre Birman, Salvatore Ferragamo,
Jerome C. Rousseau, Stuart Weitzman

Morgan's Milieu | Cinderella's Glass Slippers: A great quote from René Caovilla.

"Works of arts called shoes' to grant wishes and raise emotions. Passion and never ending research don't draw the line at fantasy and creativity. This is how dreams come true in our fairy tale." - René Caovilla

Swarovski provided the crystals in the designers shoes and also produced the iconic glass slippers for the movie, with direction from Sandy Powell, Academy Award-winning costume designer. 

In early March you will be able to order your very own pair of glass slippers in retail stores around the world, including some of the designer brands' own stores. I love these new designs and would give anything to get my hands on a pair of these.

Morgan's Milieu | Cinderella's Glass Slippers: Own a pair of your very own!

You'll find the shoes at:

Saks Fifth Avenue (New York and Beverly Hills) - United States
Harrods - London
Galeries Lafayette - Paris 
Excelsior Milano - Milan
Tsum - Moscow
Iseten Shinjuku - Tokyo
Level shoe district, The Dubai Mall - Dubai

Saks Fifth Avenue will bring Disney's Cinderella to life with enchanting fairytale scenes within the six centre windows of its New York flagship store and the Beverly Hill location. The scenes will include the entire designer footwear collection and props and costumes from the movie.

Slipping your foot into a pair of these elegant, designer shoes would make you feel like a princess. All you need now is a fabulous dress to go with them!

If you had the chance which pair of Cinderella's Glass Slippers would you wear?

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  1. Stuart Weitzman is just the most amazing among these designs! I love it and would be happy if I can afford to own his glass slipper version =) #pocolo

    1. They are awesome aren't they? I wish I could afford these too... a girl can dream. :)

  2. Oh, I adore shoes... I have *whispers* well over a hundred pairs... Those blue ones from René Caovilla are just stunning! The Stuart Weitzman are gorgeous too :) Thank you for sharing with #ThePrompt, love an excuse to drool over shoes!

    1. Hehe me too! And it sounds like we have similar taste too because both René Caovilla's and Stuart Weitzman's versions are my favourites! Thanks for stopping by. xx

  3. What amazing shoes, and typically the ones I like are Jimmy Choo. Not that I have ever owned a pair of his shoes but I just looked up their price and I really need a lottery win now!

    1. Yes, the Jimmy Choo ones are very stylish aren't they? I wish I could own a pair of these but they're well out of my range too. We can all dream though eh?

  4. The shoes look fab but I'm at that time in my life where I operate from a lower level of heel, as in flat. Anything else and I'm walking like Les Dawson in drag... Still, I can look and dream, eh. ;) X

    1. Hehe, Les Dawson - that takes me back! I'm like you, I don't really do high heels but I can manage a 2 - 3 inch heel as long as there's not much walking necessary. But yes, dream away! :) xx