Health and Weight Loss Tips 8

After putting on weight it is hard to keep going. When things aren't going your way willpower fades. But believing in yourself makes a big difference to the progress you make.

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My weight has crept up again because it's been half-term; my walks with friends are suspended and we celebrated the Hubby's birthday yesterday with a curry! Those darned Lamb Rogan Josh's are simply too nice to pass up.

Even though it doesn't seem like I'm making much progress I still believe I'll do it. I have faith in myself and know, regardless of various setbacks, I'll get back on the healthy eating and start losing weight. The belief in myself didn't come easily, it was a hurdle that I fell at many times before reaching my goal. My weight has yo-yoed for years; since giving birth to Big Prince I went from 14st down to 11st then back up past 14st again. After giving birth to Little Prince I didn't have enough willpower to keep me going. I thought I would never get to my target weight, it was impossible. Each time I put a pound on it reinforced my negativity. Then something happened, I changed how I ate, I changed my routines and started taking care of myself. That's when the weight came off, and so far it has stayed off (most of it anyway). It takes a lot of work and restrictions to keep the weight off but I am much happier now.

Tip: Believe in Yourself

Cling to the faith in yourself and your willpower, even when things aren't going your way.

When your numbers go up instead of down, when you lose 5lbs in a week, and when it's been a terrible week and you put on a stone. The biggest drain on willpower is YOU. Depression and negativity can make you want to eat, making your situation worse. You eat because you're down, grabbing a biscuit or packet of crisps to ease the depression, but that doesn't help. You'll put extra weight on and feel worse later.

Keep your target in mind and believe you'll reach it. Have faith in yourself.

You CAN do it and you WILL. No matter what life throws your way.

YOU are in control and YOU CAN DO THIS.

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  1. Great post hon, and as always you are bang on the money - we absolutely must believe in ourselves with these things. I think half the reason people are unsuccessful with weight loss (or any big life change) is because they don't truly believe they can pull it off... food for thought! xx

    1. Definitely! It's amazing what we can achieve when we believe in ourselves! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. xx

  2. Brilliant post and that sounds like a good weight to me. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts xx

    1. Oh my gosh, I totally thought I'd already replied to your comment Vicki, I'm sooo sorry! Thanks so much for the encouragement. xx

  3. Hi Morgan, it is amazing how much our frame of mind affects how we accomplish things. As people we have a tendency to hold on to the negative; feeling bad and like we have failed at something if we aren't constantly moving forward.

    Life seems better if we focus on the positives and when we feel good we achieve more, just because we believe we can....Positivity breeds positivity just as much as negativity breeds negativity.

    You will achieve your weight loss goal, because you believe you will. Some weeks will be better than others, but that's life, enjoy it and stay focused!


    1. I apologise for taking so long replying Debbie, I thought I'd replied already! You're totally right Debbie, staying positive is the key. xx