What I Read 4

This week's What I Read includes posts about writing and body image. There's also two poems that I loved.

What I Read 4 | Morgan's Milieu:  #WhatIRead Badge


Aimee Horton - passthegin.co.uk

Taking part in the What I'm Writing linky is a highlight in my week. I get to read lots of other writers advice, struggles and stories. Aimee Horton linked up a post and the title grabbed me. Five procrastination cliches and how to overcome them is a great list of tips and advice, it was the 'talking to' I needed.

Nicola Young - writer

Nicola Young has been struggling with point of view this week. As she lets us in on her process she asks How do you choose the right point of view for your story? With the snippets she includes in the post it gives a great example of the different points of view.


A moving and powerful piece of writing came from Manyofus in Prose4T. Abuse is no laughing matter moved me to tears, but it has a lovely ending. Pop over to https://manymults.wordpress.com to give it a read.

Victoria Welton - vevivos.com

I read a lovely poem by Victoria Welton who runs the #Prose4T linky. Simplicity tells us to seize the day but keep it all in perspective.

Body Image

Kate Portman wrote two brilliant posts that I read this week about body image. The first, What a woman talking about chips taught me about my body image struck a chord with me. We all worry about dieting, being overweight and the influence we are having on our children. Kate has a healthy outlook.

Kate's second post is How to fall in love with your body. In this post she talks about her own body image when she was a child and her determination to always have a good outlook. Kate offers us tips and advice to follow. We all need to learn to love about ourselves. 

Thank you Kate for these inspiring posts.

See you next week for another What I Read.


  1. A great round-up - I particularly liked Aimee's post. Thank you so much for including my poem xx

    1. Yes Aimee's post was good wasn't it? You're welcome Victoria, I loved your poem. xx Thanks for stopping by. x

  2. Thank you so much for including me Morgan! So very kind of you. Can't wait to sit down and read the others when I get the chance X

    1. You're welcome Katie. I think both your posts were motivating, I even got a non-blogger friend to take a look because I think they're inspiring. xx Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading the other posts. xx