What I Read 3

Welcome back to the third week of What I Read. I've enjoyed reading and sharing posts so far and am pleased to be back again. 

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Over at mama-andmore.com Zaz shared a fantastic quote this week. Her wonderful linky #AllAboutYou turned 1 at the start of the week and to celebrate she's hosting a giveaway. At the start of her post she shared a brilliant quote from Albert Einstein that I loved. Do you 'follow the crowd' or do you make you're own way?


At The Reading Residence I read Jocelyn's My Highs and Lows of 2014 post. She shares a little about the past year and how she feels about it. Jocelyn also invites us to take part in this lovely tag - the questions written down and I just need to think about my answers. Why don't you head over and give it a read.


I read an entertaining post about toys the other day. I giggled the whole way through Toy Story's Glory, written by @carryonkaty.  As mothers we constantly deal with toys being found in the strangest of places but Katy's post on the matter was brilliant. Head over to carryonkaty.com to read an amusing and heartwarming story about painful buttocks and a mother's love of toys.


Aby @ You Baby, Me Mummy

From #BrilliantBlogPosts I found 80 Prompts for Your Editorial Calendar. A long list of prompts to keep you blogging throughout the year. Aby at You Baby, Me Mummy got together this list and I like that she's added a few awareness weeks, such as National Nursery Rhyme Week.

Jocelyn, The Reading Residence
Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence shared another helpful post this week. I've been wondering whether to put a media kit together and had no idea where to start. Jocelyn's Blogger's Guide to Creating a Media Pack has been handy and I'm putting one together right now.  She includes tips on what to write about and how to keep it professional. I recommend you give it a read if you want to take blogging to the next level.

Blogging Design

I've had a dodgy signature on the blog for a while but wanted to make it better. I also had trouble working out how to automatically add the signature to every blog post. This post, by Carrie, was useful and the instructions were clear enough to follow. I've redesigned my signature and implemented the code, what do you think?

That darned box around my photos in blogger has bugged me for a long time. You know the one,  they call it a 'picture shadow'. I hate it. After much searching I found another useful post on how to remove the blogger picture shadow over at byourownblog.blogspot.co.uk. I used the code, following instructions, and am delighted with the results. Thank you @byourownblog!


Little House Lea - Writing Effective Scenes

It's taken me most of the week to get round to reading the posts in #WhatImWriting but I'm glad I did. Writing Effective Scenes by @littlehouselea gave me an insight into how she works but also a few tips. I'll be taking a leaf out of her book and going back over my notes. One to keep handy.

Lexie - Those Words She Wrote

How many of us question whether we're writers? The majority of us, at one time or another, have wondered if we're qualified for the title. I know I have. Lexie wrote a post about just that topic this week over at thosewordsshewrote.blogspot.co.uk. In Call Yourself a Writer? she asks if you tell other people that you're a writer. Well, do you? I don't, not yet, but I'm working my way up to it - slowly. A relatable post if you are a writer.

And last but certainly not least I wanted to share a list of The Creepiest two sentence stories. It's a quick read and some of them are quite chilling. I found it on StumbleUpon and added it to a list. I love this kind of thing. 

That's it for this week, I'll be back next week for another What I Read.

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