Health and Weight Loss Tips 4

We're in week 4 of my Health and Weight Loss series and I'm still motivated. Let's hope it continues!

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11st 3.5lbs

37,154 steps

I walked most days last week and tried hard with my food during the week. Then the weekend happened. The Hubby and Little Prince were ill and needed comfort food. Lasagne, garlic bread and profiteroles are some of the things consumed this weekend. I'm almost certain those profiteroles were my downfall.

At least I know I can do it. My weight mid-week was 11st 1.7lbs so I just need to stay away from temptation. I've resorted to changing the crisps I buy for the kids to curb temptation.

When I'm trying to lose weight I find it useful to track my progress. Which brings me to this week's tip:

Tip: Track Progress

Use a spreadsheet or an app, or even a pen and paper, but track how you do. You can download various apps that count your steps via a phone and some even 'talk' to your scales. I use two apps, one from Apple (Health) and one from Withings. They both track my weight and steps and I use them as a motivational tool. 

Sometimes seeing your negative progress is enough motivation to get you started on the weight loss regime or health kick. If you're already on the diet or healthy eating plan it can be the encouragement you need to keep going. I'd suggest searching for a tracking app for your phone, I mean when don't you have your phone with you?

That's it for this week but I'll see you here again next week. 

I'd love to hear how you're doing and if you have any tips for me?

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  1. I try to stay away from carbs at the moment as I believe that they are my downfall too! It sounds like you are switched on to what you need to do. I have just started using an app too - they are great! All the best for next week. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

    1. I love the apps! I love bread too much to stay away from carbs... in fact thinking about it I love all carbs, pasta, rice, bread, potatoes! Thanks hun. xx