Health and Weight Loss Tips 3

It's Health and Weight Loss number 3 and I've lost weight. Yay!

11st 3lbs

30, 539 steps

My steps are low this week, I went for a run on Wednesday (on the treadmill) and it wiped me out, I was so tired, but felt great. No walking Thursday or Friday and I spent Saturday watching TV and lounging.

But I'm motivated and my energy levels are increasing, I put it down to having no alcohol all week. The effect alcohol has on our bodies surprises me sometimes and a week without has done me good. There's been no headaches and my head is clearer.

When I walk with friends they ask how I stay motivated even though I don't lose weight quickly. For a start 1.7lbs in a week is great progress but that's not what keeps me going. A goal in mind keeps me focused Which leads me onto my tip for the week.

Tip:  Have a goal in mind

Now, we all have our dream goal in mind - mine is 9st 7lbs. But what I mean here is a short term goal, again mine is 11st. If I can make a little progress towards that goal each week then I'm happy. The goal doesn't seem impossible, it keeps me motivated.

You need an achievable target. Your main goal may be to lose 4 or 5 stones but that can seem daunting. Breaking it down into small chunks, be it the next 7lbs or just a pound a week, will motivate you. On reaching the short term goal you move it; create a new goal. This strategy gives you lots of wins to be celebrated and you're always making progress.

Before you know it you'll be two pounds away from your dream weight.

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  1. Well done lovely, keep up the fab work xx

  2. What an inspiration. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  3. Breaking your goals down makes absolute sense, much more motivating! Thanks for linking up to #allaboutyou

    1. It really is! AND you get to celebrate more. ;) Thanks for stopping by. x