Christmas Wish List

A few weeks ago Kim over at Northumberland Mam posted her own Christmas Wish List. I was inspired to create my own and so here it is.

  1. A Thomas Sabo Charm Necklace Set.         £125.80
  2. Black high-neck dress from Next.                £24
  3. Grey Metallic Rib Dress from Next.            £30
  4. Central Perk mug from Hawkins Bazaar.     £7

I've wanted a Thomas Sabo Charm Necklace for ages but have been keeping it to myself. I do that throughout the year and then add things to my christmas list. The necklace above is the "Guardian Angel" set but they have lots of other charms too. This is a gift that could keep you going for years and you could end up with a huge collection of charms for it. *Hint, hint, Hubby!

When I was on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago I spotted this...

OMG I fell in love! It's a Lanvin cashmere dress and cannot be bought anymore. I was upset to say the least (not that the Hubby would let me buy something so expensive). However scouring the internet I found a couple of dresses that would just have to do. Both from Next I think they're lovely.

I'm a huge fan of Friends and have always wanted one of those large cappucino cups with 'Central Perk' on it. You can't buy them anymore but the mug from Hawkins Bazaar is awesome!

It's not much but this is my wish list for Christmas. What's on your list?


  1. Great pics here Morgan, I did a wishlist today that has the grey jumper dress on too :) we have the same taste..

    1. Thanks Claire. hehe I guess we do have the same taste, it is a lovely dress. :)