Salt-Water Engine Car

For Big Prince's 10th birthday my brother-in-law bought him a salt water engine car kit. On opening the box the hubby said BP needed help to build the car. I think the hubby was excited and wanted to play too!

BP likes science stuff and he's had crystal creation kits, meccano and telescopes in the past. The salt water engine car kit was just the kind of thing he loves and as BP and the hubby built the car I wandered off to do the housework. The next thing I knew they both called me into the lounge - they needed me to mix up the salt water solution. 

BP dripped two droplets onto a sheet of paper inside the battery, closed it up and put it in the car. The car started moving straight away, its engine moving and everything! Below is a video clip of the car. 
Although he needed help with the building this was a great present and I'd recommend it for any science enthusiast.

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