It's The Simple Things

We dream of a better life. 

Whether it’s winning the lottery or snagging that perfect job we have an urge to do or be better. No matter where you live or what job you have there’s always that nagging feeling someone has a better life than you. Their lives are easier, or they’re more lucky, or more beautiful. 

We work lots of hours, push ourselves hard thinking we can get there. We chastise ourselves when we don’t succeed and push harder next time. I’m guilty of this myself, I try hard to achieve something and when I don’t self-doubt eats away at me. 

Forts made from blankets
Cue blanket forts...
But lately I’ve been paying particular attention to the times when we are together as a family. Those times when the boys are playing or when we’re sitting watching a movie together. Even a simple drive in the car when everyone is singing along to a movie soundtrack. These times make me realise it doesn’t matter how much money we do or don’t have. We could be sat on the floor of an empty house or relaxing on the couch in a mansion - the only difference is the setting. My family makes my life awesome.

A drive in the car fills me with such happiness I want to cry. My boys singing along to Shrek the Musical soundtrack at the top of their voices brings tears to my eyes. They play together and a  magic sweet spot drops over them and there’s no bickering. Even ordering a pizza brings us together in a way that can’t be ignored. 

Lego Chima set
...and lots and lots of Lego
It’s those simple things. The things that just happen. Taking a minute to appreciate those times can change a dull and boring day into a magical one. It makes you realise no matter what ‘things’ we own, no matter how much money we earn, the simple things matter most. The time spent together and the love between us. That’s what makes life worth living. 

Are you ever overwhelmed by the simple things?