Alton Towers Fireworks 2014

Alton Towers Castle at sunset
Alton Towers Castle
Every year Alton Towers reserves the last weekend of the season for their Fireworks show. On the Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening at 7pm the show begins. 
We attend most years (with merlin passes it's free) and the boys look forward to it every time. This year was no different and as we headed home from school on Friday 7th November they were super excited.

It had been raining all day, which dampened my spirits, and going to pick up the boys I got soaked. The thought of standing on a muddy field in the rain did not appeal. But I'd promised the boys we'd go and I couldn't go back on that so I made sure everyone wore their winter warmers.
We left home at 4pm, we live about 50 miles away from Alton Towers which means it takes about an hour to get there. On Friday it took an hour and a half because of traffic (and rain). The rain hammered against the windscreen and I kept looking over at the Hubby and frowning. By the time we arrived though the rain had stopped.

Getting out of the car we all donned our coats, hats, scarves and gloves and walked to the entrance. It was dark, which added to the atmosphere, and when LP saw the frog water feature lit up he screamed! He thought it was cool. At this time of day the rides close to get ready for the show so we didn't go on anything. But they have stands all over the place selling chips, burgers and hog-roast buns. 
If you ever visit Alton Towers for the Fireworks you should try a hog roast bun. They are awesome!
At 6:30pm all four of us stood on the muddy field eating our hog roast buns (LP had chips) and dancing to the music blasting out of huge speakers. It was one of those 'simple things' that make me marvel at my happiness.
Once we'd eaten LP got a little impatient waiting for the fireworks. Understandable given that he's 5 and had already walked about a mile to get into the place. He wanted to get back to the car and go to sleep. We tried to keep him entertained as best we could but as soon as the fireworks started he was happy.
As usual the fireworks were amazing and them being timed to the music went well. Alton Towers always comes up with a brilliant sequence. This year the theme was dreams. Here's a short video of the highlights of this year's display.

If you have a chance next year I recommend going for the last open weekend at Alton Towers. The fireworks cost extra if you're just buying a ticket for the day but if you have merlin passes it's free. Given the time of year I'd recommend you wear boots because: 
  1. The car parks get very busy and you often end up parking on the fields nearby. If it has been raining these field can get muddy. 
  2. The boots will keep your feet warm.
  3. They're comfortable. There's lots of walking involved.
For a family evening out Alton Towers fireworks are great and if you live nearby is worth doing.

What did you do on bonfire night/weekend?