Apple Event: iPhone 6 & iWatch?

The next Apple event is imminent!

Apple Event September 2014

The event will take place next Tuesday, 9th September at 10am Pacific Time. For all of us in the UK that's 6pm. In previous years Apple broadcasted the event and the hubby and I watched it, for free, using the Apple TV. An icon pops up on the main screen just before the event and it won't do anything until the event starts. 

iPhone 6

At the event Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone. It may be called the iPhone 6 but if rumours are to be believed this time round there's going to be two new iPhones. A 4.7in model and a 5.5in iPhone are both expected so does this mean they will have different names like they did with the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C? I've seen some people saying these new phones will be the iPhone Air and the iPhone L but I'm not sure about those names.

Historically Apple announced an iPhone on, say 10th September, and then shipped two weeks later. This means, if they stick to that, the new iPhone could be on its way to you by 23rd September. However rumours also suggest that the larger iPhone, if they do it, would be shipped later.

iOS 8

Along with the new iPhone comes iOS 8 and lots of new features. At their event in June Apple showed the new photo editing, Family Sharing and something called Health Kit. I can't wait to find out about Health Kit; tracking my exercise has become a big thing for me. QuickType is another new feature that will be in iOS 8 as well as being able to download personalised keyboards. I'm sure we'll hear lots more about these features on Tuesday.


This is the one thing people are unsure of. It's the device everyone wants Apple to make but as yet they haven't. They could announce it on Tuesday at the iPhone event, thought to be an accompanying device that would make sense, but Apple don't like to shift focus from their main device. They may decide to hold a separate event for the iWatch.


I am ready for a new iPhone, I own an iPhone 5, now two years old. If there is a choice of size I'd go for the smaller one, I don't want to lugg around a 'phablet'. Holding a device a little smaller than an iPad to my ear? No. I don't think so. I'm interested to see if they offer the coloured backs on the phones too.

I'm excited about iOS 8. There are a few new apps that I'll be looking at and the new integration with OS X Yosemite will make working a lot easier. I'm most excited about HealthKit.

The iWatch... what can I say? Ever since the rumours started about this device I needed one. I didn't buy a fitbit or tom-tom watch because I've been waiting for this announcement. I will be disappointed if they don't announce it.

Are you looking forward to a new iPhone? What features would interest you?

Check back next week, after the event, when I'll be reviewing the announcements and translating all the jargon!

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