The Shopping Trip From Hell

Both my boys have been in full-time school for a year and I have to say I've got used to it. Being able to do the weekly shop without having LP nagging for sweets or BP wanting to look at the newest computer games is a blessing. I don't need a list because I can usually remember everything I need and I can be done within an hour.

Well today I had the boys with me when I went to do our weekly shop. Oh my what a mistake that was. If they weren't hugging each other they were fighting with each other. LP spent a lot of time dancing around and getting in other people's way. BP stomped around when I said we weren't going to buy a new game. And every second of every minute they talked. Constantly.

Whilst in the supermarket I had to retrace my steps three times because I'd walked away from the veg section, for example, and forgotten to pick up something. I spent the whole time going over my list in my head but getting interrupted every minute meant that I lost track. By the time I'd finished (or thought I had) my stress levels had skyrocketed, I wanted to pull my hair out and the boys were both sulking. It was not a good trip.

As I drove into the garage I breathed a sigh of relief as the boys ran into the house to play with their toys/games. I unloaded the shopping and ticked things off in my head as I put them away. By the time  everything was away I was ready for a stiff drink, especially given that I still had things on my list that I'd forgotten to get. There was no way I was going back to the supermarket with the boys again, those things would just have to wait.

Today has been quite an eye-opener and I have more respect for all you mums of toddlers/babies who have to go through this every week. I'm not sure I'd have any hair left if I had to take my boys shopping with me every week, it's not even a thought I want to entertain! The Prince household will be resorting to online ordering, perhaps doing some toy shopping while I'm at it (would be lovely to use the Toys R Us Canada coupons) while the boys are off school and then I will resume supermarket trips when they're back.  It may be a copout but I don't think I'd have my sanity if I took them again.

What stresses/new routines have the summer holidays put in your day? How do you cope with the weekly shop?

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  1. Online shopping is a must for us. Whilst I'm home all day (working from home) the two hours needed for a shopping trip are best spent elsewhere! I feel your pain though, we used to shop with the two boys when they were 5/6. I remember the pain. If we passed a computer game store I'd have to pick them up and carry them past.

    1. Yes that online shop is definitely a must from now on. Luckily the computer games are upstairs in our local supermarket so as long as I don't go up there I can avoid that argument but I do get nagged to go up. That itself is annoying enough. I though I had the shopping down to an art but these holidays have totally ruined my routine! I can imagine these holidays are quite tough for you if you work at home - how do you get any work done with the kids at home too?
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. x