The Big 1-0

Today my eldest boy, Big Prince, turns 10. 10? I can't believe it's been 10 whole years since I held my first baby in my arms. After 17 hours of excruciating labour he finally arrived in this world and changed my life forever.

My boy's obsession at the mo - Pokemon

Me and the hubby had just moved into our new house (2 days before) and BP decided that was the perfect time to arrive, 1 week early. The pregnancy had been easy, the labour was not. By the time BP arrived I was worn out, I couldn't take any more. He listened, luckily, and after a good feed he went to sleep and gave me the rest I so desperately needed.

At the time of his birth I didn't realise that BP would become my teacher. Over these past 10 years he has taught me many things including how to cope when your child bangs his head and bleeds, how to manage a 2-year-old's tantrum and how to laugh when your six year old falls in the canal.

Unfortunately for BP I am learning as he grows and he suffers from my inexperience, LP will have an easier time. This new stage we have just reached, BP wanting to go out alone, I'm finding difficult. He is constantly asking to go out but for me, he is and will always be my baby.

Although he knows how to push my buttons he also knows how to melt my heart and make me proud. Through all of his tantrums, phases and grumpiness (more recently) he gives us glimpses of the man he is going to become. He is kind and loyal to his friends and he has a big heart. I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with my eldest boy but this one is special.

BP is 10. Double Digits. Wow, how time flies.

Happy Birthday Big Prince. xx

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  1. Aww! Happy Birthday to your boy! I hope he has a great day x

    1. Thank you Kim, he did have a wonderful day. xx

  2. I distinctly remember entering double digits being a big deal! Ten years of parenting - well done! Hope your son had a fab birthday xx #PoCoLo

    1. Thanks. I can't believe I've muddled my way through it for 10 years and I have a smart, talented boy who is turning into a young man before my eyes! He did have a lovely day, thank you. xx