My Running Essentials

I was reading Women's Health Mag online the other day and read a brilliant article where they told us 8 items they couldn't live without when attending the gym. I don't attend the gym but I do like to go for a run on the treadmill and often go out with friends for a power-walk. They inspired me for a blog post of my own so here's a list of five things I can't do without when I'm running.

Red iPod Shuffle1.  My iPod Shuffle - I only bought it a few months ago but it has become a must have item. Music is what keeps me going when I don't think my legs can move anymore. My current favourite album is Sugarland's Twice the Speed of Life.

2.  A good, strong, sports bra. I don't have a particular brand in mind, as long as it keeps my bits from bouncing around then I'm happy!

3.  Nike Free Trainers. When I started running I had a pair of old Puma trainers but as I began running more and more I noticed my toes banged against the front of them. After a little research online I decided on the Nike Free, mine are purple and are so comfortable, I love them.

Purple and orange nike free
4.  A water bottle. When running for 2 miles I find that I get a very dry mouth and it can be quite distracting so I make sure I always have my water bottle with me. I can't stand room-temperature water, it has to be ice-cold so I have an icepack that sits inside the bottle.

5.  A strong hair band and grips. I know that's two things but they both keep my hair out of my face. I get very hot while running and having my hair around my neck and my fringe sticking to my forehead just makes it worse.

Whether it's running, gym or yoga what are your favourite items?

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