Where's My Willpower?

Just lately I've been piling pounds on. Well maybe not piling them on, they're more like creeping critters that sneak onto my body at night to scare the hell out of me in the morning when I step onto the scales!

This is a consequence of my recent lack of willpower. I have consumed pizza, cake (loads of it), alcohol, chocolate... the list is fairly long. I have continued with my walking and running in a morning and I think this is part of the reason the weight hasn't piled on. But I can still feel it, the tightness of jeans, the stretch of clothes as my body begins to change.

Losing a lot of weight made me realise that it is possible to be slim and all I need to do is stick to a healthier diet. Even if I'm hungry I don't need to instantly trek to the fridge and grab the first largest piece of chocolate I can find. I just need to cling to that willpower and those pesky pounds will disappear, slowly.

My main problem is the weekend. Well, that and the hubby! At a weekend I tend to feel quite lazy, I've spent the week preparing meals, cleaning the house and keeping things generally tidy and by the weekend I'm ready for a rest. I don't want to be stuck in the kitchen for an hour while I make dinner, I don't want to have to clean pots and pans and put clothes in the washing machine. I don't want to but I have to. How do I make myself feel better? Chocolate. Alcohol. And the rest of the list.

This week I have found a glimmer of hope as willpower slowly returns. I know we're only on Wednesday but so far I have limited my chocolate intake and cut down portion sizes again. I'm eating the same kinds of things I was eating about a year ago and straight away, after only 3 days, I'm feeling better and more energetic. The down side is that my tummy is grumbling lots. Last night I had stomach cramps for a long time and wondered if I was doing the right thing but this morning I woke up ready to start the day and right now I feel bright and optimistic.

I have listened to so many overweight people saying they can't do it or no diet has ever worked. If I'm honest I believe this is just an excuse, they don't want to put the effort in that's required to get their bodies to change. And that's fine but if that is what you're doing don't complain about being overweight. I work hard to stay the size I am, I'm not super skinny and at the moment am slightly overweight (by about 2 lbs) but with the exercise and cutting down on chocolate that weight is coming off.

Every week I walk/run roughly 13 miles split into 2.5(ish) mile routes for every day. Some routes are harder than others and I have to cope with hills (not when running) but on those routes I feel like I've worked harder. These walks take about half an hour each morning after dropping the kids off at school. When the kids are at home, like in the summer, I will be doing those miles on the treadmill instead of being out and about. I probably won't get the opportunity to do quite so much but I will do some. This along with cutting down means that the weight I have gained over the past 6-7 months shouldn't take long to shift and I'm confident that I will be at my goal soon. As long as I stick to eating healthier.

Do you stick to a healthy diet all the time or do you find it hard to resist the chocolate bars?

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  1. I can so relate to this! I'm exclusively breastfeeding my 5mo hungry boy at the mo, and ravenous all the time. I'm on a super strict natural food diet trying to cure my gut and food intolerance issues, but I've struggled recently with the constant hunger.

    How about tricking yourself with healthier home made treats? Or make a banana smoothie and add some cocoa, turning it into a chocolate shake? I have tons of recipes on my blogs xx

    1. Ooh that chocolate shake sounds yummy. I'll definitely be stopping by your blog for those recipes. I think hunger is one of the most distracting things ever! I can imagine that being on a strict diet can be quite difficult at times, how do you find it? I hope your gut and food intolerance issues are cured/eased soon. Thanks for stopping by. xx

  2. That's a great idea from Mummy Tries - I did something similar with chocolate protein shake. I don't have a massive sweet tooth (I'm a sucker for the red wine!) but having a shake would be enough to get rid of any cravings in a healthy way :) I'm so glad you've managed to turn it around, you should be proud and there's definitely no doubting your will power, it's there it's just, like everyone, it's taking some time off every now and then ;)

    Thanks for linking up #AllAboutYou xxx

    1. What a great way of looking at it, that the willpower is just taking some time off! Brilliant. Thank you for the encouragement. :)