Tips on Blogging and Social Media

Okay I'll admit it, when it comes to blogging and social media I'm a bit of a dunce. I don't blog on a schedule, I don't tweet everything I think and I'm not a good photographer. All of these things are meant to be high on the list of things you should do to increase traffic to your blog, so I have read. But what if you can't blog on a schedule? After all being a stay-at-home mum doesn't exactly work with a rigid schedule. What if you don't want to share every waking moment of your life with the entire internet community? And what if, no matter how hard you try you just can't get super-fantastic photos like everyone else?

I wish I had the answer to these questions. I don't so if you've come here expecting a list of tips you've come to the wrong place.

When it comes to site traffic my numbers are not great and I have no idea why. It may have something to do with the fact that I don't really know what I'm doing! Or it may just be a consequence of not blogging on a schedule. Or both. Either way it's not something that I can solve very easily. Learning about Social Media is do-able and possibly even getting better at taking photos but keeping the momentum is the hardest part.

There are ladies out there that seem to blog daily for years and I often wonder how they find the subjects to blog about. I struggle most of the time to find something to write about. I think that may be a consequence of spending most days in the house but still, it's a struggle. I'll find myself thinking of a subject and then dismissing it because it's not interesting enough or because I may offend someone.

Then there's the social media side of things. I tweet occasionally, not daily, I share things on google+ but I've never really used these things as a way of communicating with people. Am I doing it wrong? I know this whole blogging/social media thing is meant to be about forming relationships and getting to know people but half the time I feel like I'm being nosy and should just mind my own business!

Here's a list of some of the things I do:

  • Link to linky's and pin parties
  • Tweet links to my blog posts and link ups
  • Post said links to Facebook, Google+, Britmums etc
  • Occasionally share interesting reads I've found through Klout
  • Write blog posts

And that's about it. I do comment on people's blogs and try to return the favour when they comment on mine. Is there some magic trick I'm missing or is it just the topics I'm blogging about?

How do you use blogging and social media?
Tips, hints, advice all needed and appreciated!

Mama and More


  1. Great tips, I think I do most of these too. Not read posts on Klouts yet, will have to check this out :)

    1. Ah thanks hun. Klout is ok but is a bit lacking on the social side. Thanks for stopping by xx