Summer Suggestions?

Last year me and mine spent the whole summer holidays in Orlando, Florida. It was fun-filled, sunny daily and we ate scrumptious food constantly. It was such a fantastic holiday that I'm a little worried about the school holidays this year. We don't have any plans so far and it's looking fairly likely that the hubby is going to have to go away on business.

I feel like the summer holidays have crept up on me this year, it only seems two minutes ago that it was Christmas. Normally when the holidays creep up on me we don't do anything interesting and the weeks fly by before I know it. In Florida there was so much to do that no planning was required, we just stepped out of the hotel room and ventured off to find fun. Easy. This year, being stuck at home means I have to work out what we're going to do. I have to organise trips out, weekends away (if at all possible) and play dates with friends. The only problem with that is I have no idea what to do with them!

There are a few parks nearby which, if it's nice, I'm sure we'll spend some time in but what about anything else? My boys go to Alton Towers a lot, we have the Merlin Passes and have family that live nearby so that's a possibility but that's just one day, out of how many? Five and a half weeks. How do you entertain bored children for five and a half weeks?

I have a feeling I may be slightly insane by the end of these holidays!
Any tips or ideas that you have would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I organise my kids school holidays in a certain way :) The reasoning is a little cheeky. I work from home, so I'm around for the duration, but I arrange to do the majority of things in the last two weeks of the holiday. Theres two reasons to this. (well, three if you include cost) Reason 1, is that we can get through the first few weeks easily with hastily sketched out stuff, using the reason "well, in x weeks, we're going to do x." Thereby giving them something big to look forward to, while they paddle in the paddling pool, and dangle from monkey bars. Reason 2 is the cheekiest. When they go back to school, the teachers ask "So, what have you done in your holidays..." My kids have a memory retention for cool stuff of about two weeks. Anything earlier than that is forgotten, so rather than sitting in class saying "we didnt do anything" They instead can talk about the beach time, forest romps and what-have-you that we did during the time I'd booked off from work.

    As for ideas for things to do... I'll be making use of Ally Pally Ice skating at least once, a museum trip or two. Dependant on the age of your monkeys, theres 'Go Ape' at cockfosters (I'm told, I've not visited that one, we use one in Poole.)

    I'm also quite cheeky in that I turn every day things into days out :) Dog walks become adventures at x (this weekend, we had a woodland adventure!)

    Its a toughie when all the big things (alton towers etc) have been done to death, because finding new activities is always hard.

    1. Saving the big things sounds like a brilliant idea! It never occurred to me to do that. I definitely have some walks planned and meeting with friends. I've read about 'Go Ape' and it sounds really good but I think LP would enjoy it more than BP (LP is 5) and I know I would have to be with him - not something I'm any good at, climbing. BP is more of an indoorsy boy!

      There are a few castles and things nearby so will probably venture to those and plenty of parks. :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. x

    2. Theres a youngsters trail at go-ape also, though I dont know if theres one locally. I would have taken my 6 yr old on it, but, I'm not sure I'd fit. I'm quite tall and round, and theres nothing more embarressing than being shoe-horned out of small spaces...

    3. Oh I didn't know about the youngsters trail! I think that may have to go on the list then.
      Hehe, I can imagine that's quite embarrassing, yes. I just don't like heights so you wouldn't get me on there! :)

  2. Spending last summer in Orlando sounds fun! It will be harder to entertain this year though. Is there the possibility of any day camps? I always feel better about summer when I know a couple weeks are taken care of for me.

    1. It was really amazing. I hadn't even thought about day camps and I think the local university runs some so I may have to venture that way and find out. We do have a london trip planned which ought to take up a weekend. :)