Scaring Myself Silly

I have often heard that researching health issues on the internet is a bad idea. Most often the people who say it are doctors or health professionals. I can understand why they say it because without proper diagnosis you can convince yourself that you have some terrible affliction. However, on the flip side if you're sensible, it can help you understand something you've been diagnosed with or help you find out about a particular word your doctor said.

Having been to the doctors recently I can totally understand both sides of this. While I was in the office the doctor said a word that I didn't understand and when at home I decided to do some reading on the internet. Although it helped me find what the doctor had said and understand what it meant I still managed to scare myself.

There are so many conditions, afflictions and diseases out there with similar symptoms that it is easy to mistakenly diagnose yourself with a terminal illness. When you find details online and you have the symptoms it is really hard to fight that dread that builds in your stomach. It makes you consider scenarios that you never thought you would and takes over every waking moment.

Although my symptoms are quite scary there is also the possibility that it's nothing to worry about. The reason my doctor wants to do more investigation is because she wants to be sure she's giving me the right diagnosis, which is obviously better for me!

Over the last few days I have tried to ignore that niggling voice in my head telling me to be prepared for the worst. I have tried my hardest to enjoy the beginning of the summer holidays and forget about health issues. Some of the time it has worked and I've been able to enjoy time with my sons, other times it has been hard.

Tomorrow I am at the doctors again and hopefully will have a diagnosis that is not scary. In the meantime I am fighting that dread and ignoring that voice, hoping that I'll be breathing a sigh of relief tomorrow.

Have you ever managed to wrongly diagnose yourself? 
What were your feelings at the time?


  1. I always Google things and so far I've diagnosed myself with lots of nasty things....I try not to do it now!
    Good luck at the doctors I hope all goes well x