The Monster in the Mudball Book Review

A while ago we were sent The Monster in the Mudball for the purpose of review. Given that I have to convince BP to read most nights it has taken him a while to get to this book. After he'd finished it it took me a few weeks to get round to discussing it with him. We finally discussed it over the weekend and he let me know what he thought.

The Monster in the Mudball by S.P. Gates

"It was awesome" he said.

Monster in the Mudball blurb
The blurb
Trying to get specifics out of my nine year old is near to impossible but what I found was that he could recall certain parts of the story really well. He could almost recite the words and described what happened in a particular section of the book, even weeks after reading it.

He got through the book in about two weeks and for BP that's some super-fast reading. I didn't have to bug him every night to read the story and he looked forward to going to bed so that he could read. This is one of the first books to make that happen.

The book itself is a hardback and feels sturdy, it's good quality and has thick pages. The cover is brightly illustrated with a picture of a boy on the front which instantly got BP's attention and when he read the blurb he couldn't wait to start reading it. There are no pictures in the book and the type is quite large which, I think, makes it easier for younger readers. With just fifteen chapters, all fairly short, I'd say The Monster in the Mudball is a great starter book for older children.

Monster in the Mudball back cover

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