Apple's WWDC 2014 - OS X Yosemite

Apple is one of those companies that don't like to stay still. They continue to come up with new sparkly ideas that wow us and this year's WWDC was no different. Yesterday I talked a little bit about iOS 8 and the exciting new features coming our way in Autumn but now I want to talk about OS X Yosemite.

OS X Yosemite for Mac

Yep, Yosemite is the name of OS X 10.10 and this is because they have moved from naming their operating system after large cats. Now they're naming it after beautiful places in California and so we have Yosemite.

For a long time now I've been an Apple convert and love all their devices. Many years ago I had an android phone and used to complain about its capabilities constantly but now I have no qualms about my phone. I have an iPhone. I work on an iMac and occasionally use a Macbook Air. These machines are beautiful things but they also make the user experience so much more pleasant than using Windows. This is why I always look forward to Apple conferences and announcements, because I know something amazing is coming.

OS X Yosemite is not going to disappoint. It brings with it a brand new sleek design incorporating translucency and a new look dock with two dimensional icons. Check out Apple's website for a brilliant view of what's coming.

Notification Centre has been updated and offers Calendar, Reminders and the weather not to mention a Day View. It's beginning to look a lot like iOS 7's Notification Centre. You'll also be able to extend it using widgets from the App Store.

Spotlight pops up with a large search bar in the centre of your screen. While typing your search it offers suggestions and when you've completed typing it will list a Wikipedia snippet and news feeds related to your search. Apple have also incorporated Maps into searches so you could search for a movie, for example, and Spotlight would show you where the cinema is. All this right from your desktop without loading a website.

With OS X Yosemite you can now make and receive calls on your Mac using your iPhone, even if your phone is on charge at the other end of the house. Also if you are on a website and see a phone number you want to call you can do that straight from your Mac. Ever hated picking up your phone when working because you got an SMS text? Well don't worry, with the new Messages App you'll be able to view your SMS messages as well as iMessages!

Continuity is basically what makes AirDrop work between iOS and Mac. An awesome addition if you've ever found yourself needing to do it (I certainly have). It also means that if you're working on the Mac constructing email or on a website and need to take it mobile you can. Simply pick up your device and an icon will pop up at the bottom of the screen, flick that up and your document or email will be right there on your mobile device. They call this Handoff.

So there you have it, a few interesting (or exciting depending how much of a fangirl/fanboy you are) features available in Apple's updated operating system. I think my favourite has to be making calls from my Mac or replying to text messages while sitting at the computer. I always find that really irritating. There are loads of other features being added in OS X Yosemite but these are some of the best in my opinion. OS X Yosemite will be available for free in Autumn.

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