Secrets are Monsters

Secrets hidden deep inside
Throw them into a fortress
Under lock and key they hide
Seeming to be forceless

Secrets are like monsters
Skulking in the dark
Transforming into creatures
Ready to leave their mark

The fortress may be strong
And hold those monsters in

Keep them right where they belong
Hidden deep within

But something unexpected
Your fortress walls are broken
The moment that you dreaded
Your fears now awoken

Monsters free and roaming
Pain and hurt will follow
Insides out and scars are showing
Feeling spent and hollow

But soon you’ll see a distant light
The hole inside is healing
Monsters gone and no more fright
You’re entering the clearing

Sun is shining, breathe the air
Monsters are no more
Revealing secrets is good I swear
Helps to heal the core

A ruined castle

Prose for Thought