Hello Motivation

Right now I'm sat at my desk, Mocha Latte sitting next to me, with Sugarland playing on iTunes as I type. The sun is shining in through the window, the scent of lavender lingering throughout the house and I couldn't be happier. This is the brightest and most motivated I've felt for a while and I'm taking full advantage.

I'm not sure what has caused this brighter mood. It could be the brisk walk (almost run) I went on with friends this morning. It could be the fact that the hubby and I have started our month long abstention of alcohol. It could be the plan to stick to a healthy diet, restricting chocolate and sweets. Or it could just be that I'm happy. The sun is out, spring is on the way and everything seems like it's going well. 

Routine has always been good for me, I tend to thrive when I have a plan. It doesn't matter if it's a month-long plan or a ten year plan, as long as I have a goal in mind. At the moment I have various plans and goals, including weight loss and writing more. This means that I am motivated to stick to rules and can't wait to reap the rewards of my hard work.

This feeling has been creeping up on me over the last few months. I've been spending 20 minutes a day (excluding weekends) on the exercise bike and each time I finished I felt good. The other day I was chatting to a friend in the school playground and she happened to mention that she goes walking every week and asked if I wanted to join her. Until now this is not something I would've considered doing, I mean what if she walks really fast and I can't keep up? Well, I went and did keep up at least some of the way.

I never enjoyed exercise, it was always a chore necessary to lose weight. I hated the idea of getting on the exercise bike or striding on the treadmill for half-an-hour and would much rather have spent time at the computer or sat on my jelly-butt watching TV. After spending a long time losing weight and actually reaching my weight loss target I seem to have found an enjoyment of exercise. Shocking, I know. Whenever I do exercise of any kind I always feel great afterwards. I don't mean jump-and-fist-punch-the-air great, I mean... motivated, energised but completely and utterly wiped out. It's a strange exhilarating feeling being so tired that you think your legs might actually drop off.

Another friend mentioned she goes to a yoga class and I wondered if that would be fun too. I used to do yoga on the Wii Fit a few years ago and always enjoyed it. I know a class will be very different but I've decided to give it a go. Why not right? Even if it only helps me be a little more limber then it's helping. I have my outfit ready and can't wait to try out this class, it's going to be fun if nothing else.

Where other plans are concerned I have a routine sorted, I can spend some of my time writing this blog and boring you fine people and some of it sorting out my novel. The timetable in my head is helping me get everything done, including the cleaning, ironing and washing. I don't think anything can happen that will turn those things into enjoyable tasks but having the motivation to get on with it helps.

I'm not the type of person that springs out of bed in a morning, eager for the day to start. I'm not a fitness freak or super skinny. I'm a mum and a writer. I've found a love/like for exercise, am enjoying being less overweight than before and I'm embracing this stay-at-home thing. I have time for the things I love, time to do cleaning and time to spend with my boys. Life is good and I hope this bright feeling continues.

Do you spring out of bed in a morning or are you like me and need that extra something to spur your motivation?

Mama and More