Here we are again, Thursday and time for Prose for Thought. I was looking through the poems I've written for this linky yesterday and since I started I've written 8 poems and 3 short fiction pieces. I do love Prose for Thought because it trains me to be thinking about creative writing every week.

Lake and trees with blue sky

Yesterday I wrote a poem and really surprised myself by crying at some of my own writing. Not something I ever thought would happen but I guess it's all part of the writing journey. Here's the poem, I hope you like it...


Floating above, I look down
A chill throughout my bones
Blurred vision and a frown
Enter the unknown

They are sitting, dressed in white
Lillies atop my casket
Flowers surround, summery and bright
Little one holding a basket

Lines run down their faces
Tissues in sleeves and hand
They think I’m gone, no more traces
Never again will I touch that land

I did not want to leave
And have to say goodbye
Please, please, a reprieve?
Tell them it was a lie

Can’t stand the thought of them alone
Without me in their life
No one there to be a mother
No one there to be a wife

The light arrives to take me
It’s pulling my soul away
I’m searching for a way to flee?
I’m begging, I want to stay!

Goodbye my sons and wonderful man
I wish you all the best
It seems that someone had a plan
To put you to the test

I’ll be watching, just let go
Let go of the pain someday
I’m not ill, I hope you know
Someone took it all away

Safe and sound, peaceful at home
Nothing more to feel
At our house now, not the unknown
Please know that I’m all healed

Prose for Thought
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  1. Oh this is sad - you're right! I'm glad you're not really saying goodbye to everyone. Being a parent does make me aware of my own mortality though and the idea of leaving my boys makes me... well I try not to think about it!!!

    1. I totally know what you mean, I really try my best not to think about that kind of thing. I think that's probably the reason this one got to me as much as it did! Thanks for stopping by. xx

  2. Oh my Goodness................... I am in tears and cannot think of what I need to say to you right now, but this is amazing. It's beautiful #prose4t

  3. Oh my goodness you may be cry. Such powerful words. What an amazing piece truly. So much emotion was put into this maybe not on purpose but it's there you can feel it. Wonderful poem! #prose4thought

    1. Thanks Jenny. I certainly 'felt' it when I was writing. xx

  4. No wonder you cried! x

  5. Oh, yes this is very heart-wrenching...and poignantly written. Love the wisdom of the stanza about putting them to the test but the tragedy that they can't be told this.


  6. I never really feared death until I was a changes everything and you have captured that fear all mothers have of leaving their babies. Beautiful words xx

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. It is definitely something that I'm sure bothers every mother and I don't think it gets any easier as your children age. xx

  7. Gosh, that came from somewhere deep, no wonder you got emotional. Great, but so sad, writing x

    1. Thank you. If I'm honest I don't know where it came from but I guess that's the magic of writing sometimes isn't it? xx

  8. Definitely can relate this to real life in so many ways.
    Great, moving, emotional writing.
    Carylee |

  9. Sob! This is a real heart wrencher. Properly emotional! Well written. Great post. #pocolo

    1. Thank you Judith. I still can't read it without crying! xx

  10. Beautiful, beautiful words lovely. It completely gave me goosebumps (my great poem test) and I think this is my favourite poem of yours so far, Thank you for your kind words about Prose for Thought - thank you for linking to Prose4T and PoCoLo x

    1. Thanks Victoria. I think I really put my heart into this one and I'm glad that came through. xx


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