Writing and Emotion

Since starting my writing journey I've found one of the most difficult things to do is inject feeling into the words. A lot of the time they're just words and unless you can feel things along with the character then it's just a waste of time. I've read lots of books that have made me laugh out loud and cry and these are the books I've enjoyed most, proving my point.

Gold fish in a pond
A source of inspiration

This afternoon I've been writing my poem for Prose for Thought tomorrow and was struggling a little. I couldn't make the right words appear on the screen. I really thought the block had arrived and I wasn't going to be able to get anything done. I paused for a while and thought about it, took a break and came back. When I did the words were there, waiting for me to hit the keyboard. I tapped away and before I knew it there was a poem staring back at me.

I have read, on many occasions, about writers being moved to tears by their characters or just sobbing while writing passages. Always thinking it was a bit ridiculous I never imagined that it would happen to me but as I read through my poem tears trickled down my face. How extraordinary!

The poem I wrote is meant to be sad but it doesn't come from any experience I've had myself and yet I cried. Real tears. It has unnerved me a little, I mean, do people really do that?! Usually I can keep check of any emotions while writing, I acknowledge them but don't let them out. This one though, blindsided me. Is this the beginning of me laughing at myself and punching something when a character gets angry? Am I entering a whole new phase of the writing journey in which I slowly go insane while talking to fictional people?

As a writer have you ever been surprised by your own words? Have you made yourself laugh or cry?

If you'd like to read my poem I'll be posting it tomorrow and linking it up to Victoria Welton's #Prose4T (Prose for Thought).

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