New iPad Coming?

There are two times of year that I get a little excited about technology, now and October. Usually this time of year Apple has one of their conferences where they announce new products and apps and this is always quite exciting. I've said before I'm an apple girl and I love watching their announcements on the Apple TV.

In October last year, when they announced the new iPhone 5S, the hubby and I watched. I'd had the iPhone 5 the previous year and didn't need a new phone, I already had an iPad and Macbook Air, what else could there be? For me it was the update to Mavericks that I looked forward to most, turning my old, slow Mac into a speedy thing. Apple always have something to sell, even if you have it already.

Every time I walk into an Apple store I want something new. Looking at the pristine Macbook Air on display makes me want one. I watch BP and LP play with the iPad Air and I want one. I see the tiny iPod Nano and I want one. I wouldn't buy them because, well, we already have most of them but it doesn't stop me wanting them.

Very soon Apple will announce the date of their conference and it will go in our diary. The hubby and I will earmark that evening, sit in front of the Apple TV and watch Tim Cook tell us all about their new products. We'll then load up the Apple Store and see what we can buy, if anything. With the hubby working in the mobile gaming sector he has to have the newest devices and this means we get to have new toys!

I am always entertained by the rumours that surround Apple devices both at this time of year and around October. The company is so secretive about its products before release that lots of people like to speculate what their next big thing will be. Some of the latest rumours include the release of a new Apple TV, an iPad Pro (an iPad/Macbook hybrid) and two new phones coming in September. Amongst these rumours is more speculation about technology inside the devices and guess work about sizes. The only one that interests me at the moment is the Apple TV and that's because the hubby and I use it a lot.

In recent months Apple have managed to have early release of new movies exclusive to iTunes. We have downloaded and rented a few movies that we would've had to wait for. We've also noticed that Apple are undercutting Tesco and Amazon on price, an unusual move for Apple. In half-term we downloaded Turbo because it was cheaper to buy it on iTunes than it was in Tesco or from Amazon. The kids loved it and had a movie day with popcorn and treats. Being big movie watchers we're looking forward to seeing which direction Apple take with this.

I can't wait to see when the conference will be and I'll be looking forward to watching all the new sparkly devices being showcased. I may even take notes and blog about it afterwards.

What do you think, would you like to hear about Apple's new products from a stay-at-home mum's perspective?


  1. As I always find all of this technological stuff so darn confusing, I would love an explanation in simple SAHM language, please!

    1. Not a problem. I'll get right on it :)

  2. Anonymous22:01

    I was always a Fandroid until work gave me an iPad Air.
    I was instantly taken in. The touchscreen is so responsive that you can type on it like a keyboard, which was something my Nexus 7 was sadly lacking. I do have a gorgeous Bluetooth keyboard but when the kids are awake, it's just more stuff they can grab at, isn't it?
    I've never dabbled with iTunes or any of the Apple apps as such because I use Linux machines at work then Windows 7, Windows 8 and a MacBook at home, plus all my devices so I need to have something which will allow me to pick up whatever comes to hand and do my thing.
    So, yeah, in short, if you have the cash, I would get the iPad, especially if it's as gorgeous as the 2013 model.

    1. Yes, I think the iTunes thing is a bit restrictive especially if you have the other devices but I suppose that's the point isn't it? Apple want you to only have Apple products and Google want you to have theirs. I'm totally an Apple girl. I even tried out the Nexus 7 recently but it had lots of problems connecting to the internet and I spent most of my time waiting for it rather than being able to use it like I intended. I'm back to the iPad now. Old faithful.

      I can't wait for a new iPad to come out because the hubby will have a new one and that means I get to use the iPad Air! Yay!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it. xx