Cross-stitch Progress Week 5

I've been at this for five weeks and it looks like I haven't made a lot of progress. If you've ever done a cross-stitch you'll know it takes a lot longer than it looks like it should. Half-term was last week and we had lots planned for the boys. We even ended up running out of time. I feel like the past week has flown by and we're back on Tuesday again, time for another cross-stitch update.

The pictures below show how much progress I have made. Spending most of the time filling in the gaps I didn't think I'd made that much difference. With the pictures beside one another I can see I've made a fair difference, which is great. 

Week 3
Week 5

Getting other colours in always seems to make a difference too. I love the small specks of pink and purple in these shots.

Hopefully I can get some more done this week, check in again next week to see how I'm getting on.


  1. It's looking great! Really liking the detail and colour combos.

    1. Thanks! It certainly takes some doing but I'm getting there. xx