Cross-stitch Progress Week 3

Well here we are again and I'm slowly working my way through this immense project. I've done a bit more than usual this week, I seem to be getting better at managing my time and this means more time for the stuff I enjoy. Yay me!

It's finally starting to look like something

I always feel better when you can find the part you're stitching on the main picture, I feel more motivated by it for some reason. I'm really glad I've been able to do more this week as I'm more relaxed when I can get some stitching in. It's surprising how therapeutic it is sometimes but it's like I'm stitching away my stress as I search for my next thread and pull it through the aida. 

I'm hoping to get lots more done this week as it's half term next week and the kids have an inset day on Friday which means less time to do 'my' things. My plan for next week is to still try and get involved with all the linky's as usual but my posts may only be small ones. Almost certainly next week will be a busy!

Here's another picture of what my stitching will look like when it's finished (if I don't mess up!), can you spot the bit I've done?

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