Birthday Celebrations

Ten years ago the hubby turned thirty and I thought it would be a great idea to surprise him. I phoned all of his family and invited them out for a meal with us, I booked the restaurant and waited for the day to arrive. He had no idea that I’d done it and when his family arrived on the evening of his birthday he was really surprised. I was so happy and almost cried! We headed out to the restaurant I’d booked weeks before, all smiles and excitement for the night’s festivities. Arriving at the restaurant I lead the party inside and told the host my name, he scanned his sheet but couldn’t find it. I was devastated. I had the whole night planned and it began with this booking but somehow they’d managed to lose the booking and fill up their restaurant so that we couldn’t eat there. We left the restaurant in search of somewhere else to eat, me in tears. I felt like the hubby’s birthday celebrations had been completely ruined, because of me. In the end we found somewhere else to eat and had a great night but after that day I boycotted the restaurant and haven’t been back since. I felt like they’d made me look incompetent and stupid and it wasn’t even my mistake.

Well, this year the hubby turns 40 and even though I thought that thirty was a big day for him, forty is even bigger. I want it to be perfect. Instead of doing everything in secret I decided to ask him what he wanted, did he want a party or to go out for a meal or just sit in the house and drink all night? It turns out he had an idea of what he wanted and I went ahead and tried to organise it. He wanted a meal with the family, including all the children, and then to go out drinking and he even had a restaurant in mind. Altogether there would be 15 of us and I figured it would be best to get it booked as soon as possible, unfortunately the restaurant of choice were unwilling to accommodate a party of 15 without restricting us to a ‘party menu’. This meant restricted choices and limited time to eat. The hubby didn’t like the idea of this and tried arguing with the restaurant, to no avail. For some reason this restaurant didn’t want to take our booking even though we pointed out that we would spend much more money than the ‘party menu’ and would most likely spend the whole evening eating and drinking. I wondered why their preference was to turn away a group of people who are willing to spend the evening drinking their alcohol and eating their food, it didn't make any sense.

So we had to get our thinking caps on, we wanted everyone to be happy with the selection and for hours we couldn’t think of anything. Eventually I told the hubby he should be thinking about what he wants, not what everyone else would prefer. His second choice was a sushi restaurant but with a family of people who dislike fish he was unsure whether or not to book it. In the end I did, like I said it’s all about what he wants, it is his special day after all. I phoned everyone and told them they could either come to our selection or choose not to but that’s where we were going. Everyone said they would come and I confirmed the booking with the restaurant. 

My hubby’s 40th birthday celebrations are sorted, we have a plan and he’s really looking forward to the evening. A meal at one of his favourite restaurants with the whole family then the parents are going to take the children so that me and the hubby can continue the celebrations. I think a night of drinking, dancing and maybe a trip to a casino is in order - all the time making sure that the hubby has the best birthday he’s ever had.

Are you celebrating any big birthdays this year? What plans have you made/going to make?



  1. I hope your hubby has a great birthday!

  2. Aww Happy 40th to your hubby!! I hope he has a great day and I look forward to reading about it! Thanks for linking up to the #MMWBH xx

    1. Ah thanks. I'll certainly be blogging about it after it happens. :)