A Plea and A Promise

This week creative writing has filled my head. I've thought about the novels I've written, stories that live in my head and the blog. They're all a part of me and each has it's own purpose. In recent weeks I've lost sight of why I enjoyed writing and began to wonder if I should just put the novels away and concentrate on the blog more.

I've really enjoyed blogging every day and taking part in various linkys and will continue to do so. It encourages me to think about writing in a different way than normal and this is actually useful. I can also learn a lot about myself and other people which in turn helps my creative writing. What I'm not going to do is give up on my novels. I have a habit of starting the editing process and giving up about half-way through.

My most recent first draft was finished at the start of last year and when I wrote 'The End' I felt a rush of satisfaction. It is very gratifying typing those two words when you've spent months tapping away at the keyboard hoping you'll have something good by the end of it. Unfortunately this satisfaction lasts about two minutes and then you realise there's a ton more work to do before it is going to be read by anyone but you. I still haven't reached this point with either of my novels. Not good.

Re-writing after the realisation that a characters sex was all wrong is my new problem. To begin with my main character was a man and I was excited by, and happy with, the story. Then one day, while in the car on a long journey, I had an epiphany. The main character wasn't supposed to be a man, he was meant to be a woman I just hadn't realised it until now. However I didn't just change one character, oh no, I thought it would be a good idea to change all of them and the re-write became a whole big thing. I got to chapter 20 before I gave up, the first draft had 47 chapters.

After leaving it alone for a while I now want to go back and only change the main character and her partner. I know who they are now and I'm happy with their stories. The only problem with this is starting the re-write again! I see the finished draft, look at the number of words and panic. There's lots more work that needs to go into it and I think maybe that's why I'm shying away from it. And just when I think the writing life couldn't get harder my old friend 'self-doubt' comes to visit. That one really is a pain in the a**.

Having to make this writing journey alone is really hard and friends like 'self-doubt' and 'writer's block' only make it more difficult. I've had lots of visits from these friends in the past and always hate when they stay a while, it's very frustrating.

I'm hoping that by sharing my writing journey it will encourage me to work harder and ignore those pesky friends of mine. Sometimes a good kick is what you need to keep going, others it's the moral support of people who know what you're going through. So, here I am vowing to post something every Friday about my writing journey. Perhaps, with the encouragement of you fine people, I may actually get a book out there to be read!

Do you have any tips on how to tackle re-writes?
Are there special routines you make yourself stick to to ensure you write daily?


  1. I think self-doubt in writing is a very common thing. I get it all the time with my blog, I cannot imagine what it must be like when you're writing a book! That's probably the reason why I have never attempted a novel. At least with blogging it's quick and easy and there is usually some kind of instant feedback. Well done with even attempting a book!

    1. When attempting to write a novel that annoying friend can be the one that stifles any words from entering your brain. It's really frustrating, especially when you're in the middle of a quiet scene. Tackling a novel can sometimes seem like an impossible feat but it's why I started in the first place and while I'm writing I know it's what I'm meant to be doing. You're right about instant feedback on the blog though, it can be very satisfying when you get good responses to something. My aim is to be able to have a similar response to my books, I just have to finish them first! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. xx