Moments that Mattered

In the summer of 2013 me, the hubby and my boys took the holiday of a lifetime - 6 weeks in Orlando, Florida. We’ve been before on numerous occasions and always love it but this time was different. You see, every other time we’ve been on holiday over there the hubby has had to work part of the time and constantly carried a Blackberry around with him in order to respond to emails. We have never had a time when our holiday wasn’t interrupted by his work. Well that is until summer 2013.

Cinderella's Castle - Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

My 4 yr old's favourite ride - Busch Gardens
We are a Disney loving family and obviously this is the main reason for visiting Orlando but there is also Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and the Kennedy Space Centre nearby. We’d been planning this holiday for a few years but when the day finally arrived I couldn’t believe we were actually doing it. The kids were ridiculously excited and I was trying not to throw up when I thought of that plane journey. Nine hours on and the plane landed in Orlando. When those wheels touched down and I felt myself thrust forward as the plane slowed down I could finally breath easy. I looked out of the window and saw that awesome sun shining into the plane and my boys smiles matched it. They lit up. 

There were so many things that we experienced while over there and my four-year-old now has some fantastic memories, like meeting Mickey Mouse, that hopefully he’ll never forget. And you know what - we never got interrupted. The whole family were together all the time and we enjoyed every second. The hubby wants to go again and I may just have to agree with him. 

The little one enjoying the new Simpsons area at Universal Studios.

Disclaimer: This is my post for entry into the Moments that Mattered competition to win an iPad Mini in association with Lloyds Bank


  1. Wow, sounds amazing! I went to Orlando years ago, before my girls were born, but would love to go back when they're a little bit older and take in all the theme parks. Thanks for joining in with Moments that Mattered, and good luck!! xx

    1. It is the perfect place for families because you all get to act like children! :D

      Thanks for stopping, commenting and wishing me good luck. x