Cross-stitch Progress Week 1

This is what the finished thing ought to look like.
I started this project one week ago and I’m not quite as far along as I’d hoped. As you can see from the picture there’s only a tiny bit done but in my defence I had to spend a few hours sorting out threads and weaving along the edge of the aida to make sure that it doesn’t fray. 

My tiny progress
This is something I forgot about, when starting a cross-stitch you have to weave along the edge to prevent fraying otherwise your aida will fray and you’ll end up with half of it disappearing. When I first started my cross-stitching I didn’t do that and on a few occasions I ended up with a problem. With the larger designs this is more important because you’re always going to be messing with the edges and moving the aida around to be able to get to the area you’re stitching.

Another problem I had with it this week is I went wrong, I was happily stitching away thinking I was doing it all right and then I looked down and spied a mistake. I’d misaligned one of my stitches and had to unpick about an hour’s work. I was not a happy lady. 

This is the top right corner of the project, the highlighted area is what I've done so far.
This week I haven’t done any stitching so far but I intend to get some done tonight and I will get more done.


  1. I do love to cross stitch but I've not done it for a couple of years, I have a large cat one that's about 3/4 done I used to do it at work but now I'm retired I just don't have the time anymore :(

    1. Oh that's a shame Dawn. I do love to sit in front of the TV with all my threads and work on it. :)