Blog Customisation Tips

My very first post on this blog was way back at the end of Dec 2011 and if I’m honest I can’t believe it’s been going for that long. I haven’t posted nearly as much as I could have. Back then Little Prince was still not at nursery and I was a very busy mum who wasn’t really sure how to organise herself, fast forward to now and I have a lot more time to myself. This means I can concentrate on me for a while, well a few hours in the day at least.

The style of my blog hasn’t changed that much if I’m honest, it’s always been one of the simpler templates that Blogger give you and I haven’t really messed about with it too much. Until now this hasn’t bothered me, I figured that having a simple blog wouldn’t matter. Since spending a lot more time blogging and sharing and visiting others’ blogs I’ve noticed that mine looks very… dull. There is so much that I don’t like about it and I intend to change things. That is once I learn how.

My problem here is that I know nothing about proper customisation of my blog. I know there are tons of pages out there explaining how to use PicMonkey to change photographs and others to explain how to create a badge. These are probably things that I am going to do at some point but it may take a while, I don’t really want to go ahead and change things for the worse. Hence the reason for this post… Do any of you have any tips?

Is there anything you did to customise your blog that you would recommend to others? Can you help out a complete blog-dunce and let me know how you made your blog look amazing?

Tips on About You pages, privacy policies, cookie stuff - anything you can think of would be greatly appreciated.



  1. Blog Dunce over here too!! hehehe
    I have made a badge....Not a good one but it and I use Pic Monkey and that's it....I am not that good with computers so I just leave my blog how it is.....I would love a fancy heading or background but really don't have a clue where to start...

    1. I'm okay with computers and technology, I mean it doesn't scare me or anything. I just know NOTHING! Us dunces should stick together eh? hehe. ;)

  2. I think there are you tube tutorials on these sorts of things and guides online. Failing that you could take the route I did & get someone to do it for you :) x

  3. There are stacks of tutorials & Pinterest can be a useful haunt, too. I think look around, think about what you want your blog to look like, and start planning. Enjoy it, don't stress over it, though.

  4. Hiya missus, you can google youtube tutorials on how to use blogger or wordpress to adjust the customisation of your blog. It may look complicated but it really isn't. Give it a wee google and have a nosy OR you can have a look round {on etsy and other such places} for blog web designers. ;)

    Looking forward to seeing the new layout, if and when it gets done!! And thanks for linking up to #MMWBH xx

  5. I'm like you - I really want to smarten up my design, especially the header, but not sure where to start and at the moment I'm struggling to find the time to even post as much as I'd like, let alone anything else. This post on Mammasaurus had some useful design tips that seem quite straightforward and might help

  6. I was clueless and still am to be honest, but it is quite easy to have a play with the settings and not get into to much trouble. Geekalicious is a really good site for tips and tricks and Mammasaurus wrote a really good post last week about investing in your blog and there are links to people who do headers and blog design.

  7. Oh my gosh thank you so much ladies! I've checked out Mammasaurus's post which has really helped and I've been looking on Pinterest. Have an idea about how I want the blog to look, it's just getting it there. I like the idea of buying a theme but I do worry about downloading something from someone I don't know - what with virus's an' all. I really appreciate all your help everyone and hopefully I'll have a beautiful looking blog soon!

    Morgan xx